Ingles eh tudo loco

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Ingles eh tudo loco

Mensagempor godjega » 02 Out 2007, 14:03 ... index.html ... tml#review

Well, I bought this heavenly device and have spent endless hours watching the little fellas burrow around in joy. I've started to train them to do tricks - I even reward them with sweet treats. I have started to feel like they are family and wept so hard when the first one died. I named him and cremated him in a box of matches, and so his spirit would live on I rolled him in a blunt and smoked his ashes until I was visiting him in ant heaven. Thank you so much for providing me with so much joy.
Josh, Bournemouth

This is the second review I have written, but this device is absolutely the best thing ever invented. I am so attached to my four flatmates, I've had their names tattooed on my arm, next to little ant caricatures of them. I can't tell you how much I want to be an ant and just bust around their tunnels with them. I've been praying to Jesus to reincarnate me as an ant. If he agrees, I'm going to jump off the roof of my flats. It is going to be awesome.
Josh, Bournemouth
That's all I need!
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Re: Ingles eh tudo loco

Mensagempor protomank » 02 Out 2007, 14:11

In other news...

A câmara dos lordes aprovou medida que torna obrigatório e passível de pena de até 5 anos de cadeia por não cumprimento, a entrega de senhas e chaves criptográficas de qualquer pessoa que esteja sob investigação criminal.
..and all the whore and politicans will look up and shout: "save us"...
..and I'll look down and whisper: "no."
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