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Forgotinho 4e

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por Avin
Parece que vão chutar pra 100 anos do futuro e que coisas aconteceram no meio do caminho:

"In 1384 DR, Tyr kills Helm in a romantic misunderstanding over the heart of Tymora. Though nothing can be proved, the gods believe that Cyric is somehow involved in Helm's death.

In 1385 DR, With help from Shar, Cyric murders Mystra in Dweomerheart, destroying the plane and Savras, as well as sending Azuth and Velsharoon into the Astral plane.

Magic bursts from the bonds of the Weave. Thousands of mages are driven insane or destroyed, and the very subsatnce of the world becomes mutable beneath the veils of azure fire that dance across the sky.

Cyric is imprisoned on his home plane for 1000 years by Tyr, Lathander, and Sune for his crimes. This event is what is known as the Spellplague"

UM conto do emodrizzt na fase de transição:

http://ww2.wizards.com/Books/Wizards/Pr ... =959867200

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por Avin
"Although this has already been revealed in the novels, most of the Drow gods have been axed. All that's left is Lolth, Eilistraee, and Ghaunadaur. Later Ghaunadaur is attacked by Lolth and moves to the Deep Caverns.

And in 1383 a bunch of dwarven deities bite it. Gorm, Heala, Laduguer, and Deep Duerra die in battle with each other. The book says that Hammergrim "disperses" into the Astral. To me, that sounds like it breaks off from the Fiendish Planes and is toast.

Finally, we have the Spellplague. Apparently many planes are "shifted" or destroyed. The book states that only the greater gods can protect their respective planes from the destruction. I think this might mean that some of the lesser [and intermediate] gods might not make it.

The last sentence of the book says that the Weave is destroyed and the "old world" ends and a new one begins. What that means is anybody's guess."

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por Avin
1385 Blue Fire

The following years just sound so interesting! Allusions to Shar twice, the Phaerimm, the Shades, the Seven Sisters, and the Shalarins (whatever they are). If we only jump forward 10 years (to the Year of Blue Fire), it seems that the seven sisters will survive for at least another 40 years, as 1425 is named for them.

1406 the Blackened Moon
1410 the Eight-legged Mount
1417 the Phaerimm's Vengeance
1419 the Empty Necropolis
1420 the Dark Goddess
1422 the Advancing Shadows
1423 Thundering Hosts
1425 Seven Sisters
1427 the Shalarins Surfacing
1428 the Elfqueen's Joy

The 8 years of Silence (1432 - 1439)
1432 Silent Thunder
1433 the Silent Departure
1434 the Silent Crickets
1435 the Silent Bell
1436 Silent Shadows
1437 the Silent Flute
1438 Silent Waterfalls
1439 the Silent Tear

These years sound VERY interesting.
1440 Azuth's Woe
1441 Resurrections Rampant

1449 the Godly Invitation
1450 Holy Thunder

The odd 5 years devoted to elves.

1461 Three Goddesses Blessing
1462 the Elves' Weeping
1463 the Reborn Hero
1464 the Six-Armed Elf
1465 the Elven Swords Returned

The 12(14?) years devoted to circles.

1466 the Mages in Amber
1467 the Three Heroes United
1468 the First Circle
1469 Splendors Burning
1470 the Second Circle
1471 the Plagued Lords
1472 the Third Circle
1473 the Heretic's Rampage
1474 the Fourth Circle
1475 the Final Stand
1476 the Fifth Circle
1477 the Purloined Statue
1478 the Dark Circle
1479 the Ageless One

After 100 years, this is what we have to look forward to: Nether reborn?

1484 the Awakened Sleepers
(1485 the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance)
1486 the Nether Mountain Scrolls
1487 the Rune Lords Triumphant

What happened that Dwarvenkind was considered dead? Are dwarves somehow suddenly made fundamentally different?

1488 Dwarvenkind Reborn

I really really hope Xena is not suddenly a part of the realms. :j/k:

1489 the Warrior Princess