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Mensagempor Avin » 26 Ago 2007, 09:03 interviewed Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan at the Games Convention in Leipzig, and here are the most interesting infos :

- There will be a new Caverns of Time instance: Stratholme, which one will be a level 80 instance 5-man.

buffed: We already heard a lot of things about Wrath of the Lich King at BlizzCon. Any news since then?
Jeff: There are a couple of things we haven't talked about at BlizzCon, such as the new "Caverns of Time"-Instance Stratholme. We wanted to get back to the CoT-concept as it was one of the coolest things added to WoW recently. We also want to pursue what the Bronze Dragonflight is up to. We seek to show you the greatest moments of Warcraft history, and now we picked Stratholme. Many hardcore WoW players are fans of the old Stratholme-instance, while Warcraft 3 players know Stratholme from the single player mission, in which the player controls Arthas, burning buildings, killing the residents and fighting the Dreadlord Mal'Ganis. In WotLK you will have the opportunity to battle alongside Arthas before he turned into what he is now. You will "cleanse" Stratholme und burn it down!
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