Jogo de Watchmen

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Jogo de Watchmen

Mensagempor protomank » 24 Jul 2008, 14:55

Legal, vai ser em duas partes, e uma delas é um prequel:

We were a bit disappointed when we heard the recent two-episode Watchmen series announcement since it was to be set as a brawler. However, it seems that these two games will be set as a prequel with the ability to play either Nite Owl or Rorschach in the days before superheroes were outlawed. "If you're wondering who could possibly replace the much-revered Alan Moore in the scripting department -- as the story is the linchpin upon which the whole Watchmen experience pivots -- comic fans will be glad to know that respected comic veteran Len Wein (co-creator of DC's Swamp Thing and Marvel's Wolverine characters) is on board to provide the dialogue, and original Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons is lending his insights as the game's adviser. Due out around the same time as the film's theatrical release, the game will be released in multiple parts designed to lead the player up to the graphic novel/film's events."
..and all the whore and politicans will look up and shout: "save us"...
..and I'll look down and whisper: "no."
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Re: Jogo de Watchmen

Mensagempor Avin » 27 Jul 2008, 17:01

glad? len wein é um pulha...
"I'm a simple man, Hobbes."
"You?? Yesterday you wanted a nuclear powered car that could turn into a jet with laser-guided heat-seeking missiles!"
"I'm a simple man with complex tastes."
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