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Site created in 05/11/98, v4.1

Much before the rising of Seconf Life and World of Warcraft with it's bright colours and 3D graphics, a black screen existed, filled with various characters and a small cursor line expecting the intrepid Virtual Worlds pathfinders that were starting to shape in a new discovered land called Internet.
It was a time of rudimentary computers and slow network, in witch text and criativity were the tools used to sculpt the world, time in witch each participant was also a builder, time of Dungeons & Dragons and virtual rooms. This time is now beyound us, but internet is also about it, memories and dust.

Welcome to an ancient world that still survives, where users were warriors, shape-shifters, magicians and gods still wolked between us, and the emotion was real. Welcome to Science and Fiction MOO.
The Science and Fiction MOO is an enviroenment for virtual reality in text, based in the LambdaMOO 1.8.0p6 server. It is located currently in the Satellite desktop machine, property of Iuri Fiedoruk. Previously the server was hosted in Federal Univercity of Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul state, and was the first MOO installed in Brazil in the year of 1995, being maintened until today.

This site goal is to bring information and help for those who want to remember or access it, and for those who seek news about it.

If you are new to MOO, see the MOO introduction for newbies.
Also, see the Online RPG project based in Dungeons & Dragons (d20) that is being developed by Bart.

Site developed by Iuri Fiedoruk (aka Bart), SciFi MOO current Wizard. The Science and Fiction MOO is running in a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 VM.