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How to connect in the SciFi Moo

Connecting in SciFi MOO is simple, it is enought to use any telnet client, but there are some better and worse programs, of corse, some have problems with backspace, such as the one that comes with Windows. Besides even mIRC being able to serve as a client, it is recommended to use a good one such as ZMUD or Putty. Currently, SciFI operates in and extended ANSI mode, allowing the use of colors, accents and other special characters, this is why the choise of a good client is recommended.

Windows Clients:

  • Putty - One of the most used ssh and telnet clients nowadays.
  • Crt - Exelent client, fast with large bugger and good copy/paste..
  • Zmud - A MOO and MUD client, allows creating scripts to make some tasks easier.

Linux Clients:

  • KildClient - Great Gtk/Gnome client.
  • gMOO - Special cleint for MOOs in tcl/tk.
  • kmuddy - MUD KDE client.

After installing the client you like most, connect into scifimoo.no-ip.org, port 7777, the welcome screen will then be shown, asking for a player name and password. If do not have a player yet, you can choose between two options: The first is to enter with a guest account, for that, simply type "connect guest" and press enter, but notice that while in this mode, no options will be saved and the player does not have some permissions granted, such as build and program capabilities. The second option is to register a new player, for that simply type "register [player] for [your email address]", replacing the values between [ and ] (that should not be typed) for a name you pick for the player and your email address where the password will be sent. In case you do not receive your password, get in conect throught email.
If you already have a player, type "connect [player] [password]" (again, without [ and ]), but be careful with upper and lowercase that must be respected for it to work.

If you are new to MOO, see the Newbie introduction to MOO, you also can request a player, ending email to bart, telling the player name you would like to have.