Hints & Tips: Addams Family Values

Super Nintendo
The following are secrets only the Addams Family know!


1. Try this, at the beginning of the game Crush asks Fester to find and retrieve the Black Rose for him. Instead of giving the rose to Crusha give it to Morticia for extra Ill Health.

2. When searching in The Cavern for the Black Rose make sure to pick up the Twig Key before exiting. Youíll need it to enter the Greenhouse.

3. When exploring in the Greenhouse Fester should retreive a Bone Spoon, Pumpkin and a Green Key. When Frester is outside the Tropical Plant room Rasp will run off. Fester must enter The Tropical Room and defeat Rasp. After defeating Rasp Fester will receive an extra health segment and the plant food needed to move the feed me plants which block paths throughout the game.


4. If your lucky enough to find Baby Puberts Rattle, try giving it to Morticia for extra Ill Health.

5. When searching for Ma Hench in the hoarders maze Fester will come across three switches which he must hit in the correct sequence in order to get to Ma Hench. Coming down over these switches are fire balls making it very difficult to pass. Fester should hit switch number three then switch number one and completely ignore switch number 2.

6. When exploring The Gargoyle Maze make sure to retrieve the Stone Key.


7. West form the entrance to the wetlands Fester will find a mini-hoader called Jip. He explains heís been trapped in a spell and asks Fester to help him. Jip will give swamp juice to Fester. Fester should then go to the drylands and squirt Ulch with the swamp juice. Ulch will in exchange give Fester a strange black cube. Fester can use this cube to free Jip. In exchange Jip will give Fester a stone button.

8. In the swamp Fester should find the entrance to Dugeon #4 by using the Trans-Mansion Express. In Dugeon 4 Fester should find a gold coin. Fester should then go visit a well that is located directly south of the greenhouse sign. Fester should talk to the well. The well will take the gold coin and give Fester a bag of gold in exchange.

9. West in the wetlands from where Jip is located are two statues that have switches on them. First activate the left switch, then activate the right one. At this point a stairway will appear near the left statue that will lead Fester to Dugeon #5. In Dugeon #5 Fester should find a recipe book, a headless teddy, and use the stone button twice. The second usage of the stone button should pollute the water throughout the game. Fester must then defeat a monster named Jelby to exit this dugeon.


10. By means of the Trans-Mansion Express Fester should travel to the stone gardens. Fester should talk to Lurch. Fester should then talk to the blocked wall. Fester should then talk to Lurch again and Lurch will give him a bowling ball. Fester can then break the blocked wall with the bowling ball.

11. Fester will come across a room with four switches to press. When pressed in the order of 3241 Fester will gain access to the top level which contains the stone-twig key. Switch #1 is at the far left.

12. Fester will now find a white stone tree called Romit. Defeat Romit by forcing him off of the side of a cliff. When Romit falls off the cliff, a vine will then appear that Fester can use to free thing.


13. In the wetlands next to Dugeon #5 entrance, Fester will find a set of iron gates that can be opened by using the Spider Key. Going through these gates Fester will enter the rockies where he will come across a dazed vulture. Fester must talk with the vulture. The vultutre has forgotten his name and how to fly.

14. Fester must activate four switches on the floor of the icelands which will activate a transporter that places Fester inside Dugeon #6. In the southeast section of Dugeon #6 is an exit to the area in the rockies that has the sign that will tell Fester what the vultureís name is. Fester should go back to the vulture and tell him what his name is.

15. In the icelands Fester will find the Iron Key. He must have the magnet in his possesion, which can be found in Dugeon #6. Fester can gain access to the Morgue with the Iron Key. In the Morgue Fester can find a Book of Flying which is located in the northeast corner of the Morgue. Fester should also look for a recipe book in the Morgue.

16. Fester should give the book of flying to the vulture. Fester then must unlock the trapdoor using the Jewelled Key. The key hole is located on a rock at the main entrance into the rockies coming from the wetlands. Fester can get the Jewelled Key from Thing who is in the garden area.


17. Fester should enter the trapdoor area where the vulture was. Fester has now entered into Dugeon #7. Before entering into this area, Fester should be well stocked up on Grandmaís cookies, magical seeds, small rocks, and blue marbles.

18. Fester must defeat Smied, the demon jailer.


19. Down in the basement of the Mansion Fester will notice that many of the walls have pipes runnimg along them. There is a particular pipe that runs along the west wall that looks like its ready to blow. Fester will also notice that donít appear to be any other exits.

20. Hidden around the basement are two wheels. Turn both these points there will be a big explosion and a large hole will be blown in the wall. Fester should go through the hole and itno the mansion. Fester should go to the library and push a secret book in each lebrary. First a switch must be activated located beneath the candles on the wall. Keep an eye out for one itsy bitsy little switch located on the left side of a bed.

How Do You Find Cousin It you ask? Check out the following :

Head east past the Gargoyle Dungeon II. Take both stairs and continue east, soon Fester will come across two underground caverns. Take the second cavern and continue east. Fester will soon reach the swamps. Take the path south then east. Fester will soon come across a fork in the road, take the right path to reach Cuisin It.

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